Corporate Wellness Programs

In addition to our corporate membership program, the Tampa Bay Area YMCAs also provides on-site wellness consultation and services.  If you are confused about how to implement a high-quality wellness program, we are here to help.  Please contact our Director of Corporate Wellness for more information.  We provide all types of services (see below) to add to a wellness program. We are happy to provide gate scan statistics, access to our quarterly newsletter, and consultation to help a company develop their wellness program.

Wellness Seminars

The YMCA offers our corporate partners on-site wellness education. These sessions can be offered in a single-session format or a multi-session series. Seminars cost $150* per single session with a reduction in fee for multiple sessions. All seminars are taught by professional health educators.

  • Understanding the Physiology of Stress – This program will help participants better understand what stress is, how it can be both a benefit and a risk, and some effective strategies to deal with stress in a healthy way.
  • Shopping Smart– This program will guide participants through the average grocery store, learning what choices can be made for well-balanced meals.
  • Defeating Weight Gain– This seminar will be taught by a certified personal trainer and will go over effective weight loss strategies while also discussing some of the barriers to weight loss and typical reasons many people struggle.
  • Stress-less Eating– This seminar discusses the basics of stress and how the reactions to stress change eating habits.
  • General Nutrition– This program goes over the basics of nutrition including preparing balanced meals, reading food labels, and knowing what foods give a person the most nutrition.
  • Starting an Exercise Plan– This program will help participants with starting an exercise plan including creating weight loss and/or muscle building goals, determining success, preventing injury, and learning how to use certain types of equipment found at your local YMCA.
  • Getting Your Zzzzzz’s– Sleep health is of the utmost importance and is related to all areas of our lives including cognition, energy levels, physical and emotional health, and even chronic illnesses. This seminar will help participants understand what happens during sleep, why it is important, and how to get a better night’s sleep.

On-site Group Exerciseyoga

Classes offered include:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Kickboxing
  • Zumba

All classes will be offered on site for a total of 50 minutes by a certified instructor. Company contact will be responsible for creating an open space that the participants will use during the sessions. Contact will be billed by the corporate wellness program and will be responsible for payment. Classes do not have a size limit but the space provided will need to be large enough to accommodate the registrants. Pricing for classes is reduced when companies purchase greater than 11 classes each month.

Number of Classes (Monthly) Price per Class
1-11 $75
12-24 $70
25-36 $65


We can provide a webinar for up to 100 employees on any of the topics listed as seminars.  The cost is as low as $85 per webinar and are taught by a Master-level health educators or a certified professional in the topic area.  We provide seminars on a user-friendly platform for delivering webinars.

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