Frequently Asked Questions

Does my company have to have a certain number of employees to join the program?

Yes- companies must have a minimum of 100 employees and within 3 months there must be at least 5% of employees as active members with one of our participating YMCA’s

Does this program cost us anything?

No this is basically an ancillary benefit that we provide to companies. The employee sets up membership payment on an individual basis with the branch they choose to join

Can a company subsidize part or all of the membership?

Absolutely. This can be set up with either through monthly or annual invoicing through one of our financial offices. Companies can choose to pay any percentage of the membership that they choose.

What does the company need to commit to in order to be part of this program?

A company must commit to providing the materials to staff to make them aware of the program. In addition, the YMCA asks that we are able to come on-site for health related events or other events at least once each year. We also ask that we are able to verify employment status once a year.

What if one of my employees is already a member of the YMCA?

Any employee who is already a member can simply go into the branch that they joined and ask to have their membership switched to the corporate membership rate. They will be asked to show verification of employment and the changes should take place within 30 days of request.

What if I work in Tampa but live outside of the covered area?

If an employee plans to use one of our facilities regularly but they do not live within our area, they can join the branch that is closest to their work. However, it is important to note that YMCA’s outside of the locations we operate (see Find my Y) will most likely not honor their membership.

Do you have any additional services that you can provide to companies? 

Yes- we can work with you to provide educational seminars, access to program like our Livestrong program and Diabetes Prevention Program. In addition, we can provide on-site group exercise classes, competitive wellness program, and much more.

What are the basics of the program?

For companies meeting the parameters we offer a waived join fee and also 10% reduced rate to our memberships. Employees can enjoy use of any of the participating facilities with a no-contract membership to the YMCA branch they choose.

Can this program apply to family members too?

Yes- as long as the employee is the primary member they can add anyone else living in their household.

What can be used to verify employment?

Employees either need to show a current (within the last two weeks) pay stub or an ID badge. The YMCA will also verify employment at least once a year with the coordinator of the program.

Do you have an referral incentive program? 

Yes- if a member refers a co-worker to this program and the co-worker becomes a member the referring member can choose either a free month of membership or a free personal training session.

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